What's The Biggest Threat To
American Judaism?
Some say it's Anti-Semitism
Others say it's Hate Groups
Many think it's  Terrorism
But according to the Pew Research Center
The Biggest Threat Is...
Jewish Apathy & Assimilation!
We hate talking about it, 
but it’s for real!
But whatever the cause, the effect is still the same.
American Jews have become more disengaged with each new generation. 

American Jews seem to have lost that sense of pride that fueled our survival for thousands of years now.

That's why the Jewish War Veterans of the USA have created "True Honor." 

 "True Honor," is a community based program intended to Make American Jews Proud Again.
It's heart and soul is a documentary film that tells the story of the American Jewish heroes who earned and ultimately received the Medal of Honor.

It is the inspiring story of courage, commitment, sacrifice, perseverance and triumph!

We are requesting your partnership in our efforts to Make American Jews Proud Again.
Proud Jews become Involved Jews!

Your contribution of only $20.00 will be used to bring "True Honor" to cities and communities all across America.
If we don't reengage our youth...in a mere three generations, Judaism will cease to be a mainstream religion in America. 
Thousands of years of tradition, culture, education and Torah will cease to exist in America. 

It will simply disappear quietly into the night…the modern day version of riding a rail car to the death camps. The process may be different, but the result is the same…No Jews!
Especially if the Jewish War Veterans can get your support for "True Honor" our new project to...
Make American Jews Proud Again!
Proud Jews become Involved Jews!
Involved Jews Build Great Communities!
You donation of a mere $20.00 would help make it happen!
Make American Jews Proud Again!
The Jewish War Veterans are the oldest Veterans organization in the Nation. 
We're chartered by an Act of Congress.

We were founded in 1896 with a mandate to create educational programs that foster true American Jewish Pride in our citizenry. 

We invite you to join our 120-year legacy.
  We invite you to be a part of "True Honor," a film tribute to our American Jewish Heroes that received the Medal of Honor.
If everyone donated a mere $20.00...we could make a huge impact.
Make American Jews Proud Again!
Just $20.00 helps so much!
"True Honor" features a documentary film that captures the bravery, the sacrifice, and the love of Judaism that American Jewish heroes have demonstrated while fighting for America.

"True Honor" shows how it took nearly 100 years to fight the bigotry that prevented some American Jewish heroes from receiving their place in American history. 

"True Honor" Makes American Jews Proud Again.

"True Honor" will be screened in Schools, Synagogues, Clubs and wherever our youth can be infused with a dose of Jewish Pride.

Thousands of kids from age 1-100 will have modern day Jewish American heroes to look up to. 

Here is a brief preview of "True Honor"...
"True Honor" is also a great tool for promoting tolerance of all faiths.
Imagine a classroom of kids after viewing "True Honor".
We now ask you to help educate our youth.
 We ask you to help Make American Jews Proud Again!
Making American Jews Proud Again is a big and bold effort.
Big and bold requires your help.

If everyone would donate just $20.00,
We could launch "True Honor" across the nation.

Your donation is Tax Deductible.
All proceeds are used exclusively for this project, and our ongoing campaign to fight anti-Semitism and
Make American Jews Proud Again.
Make American Jews Proud Again!
$20.00 can make all the difference!
The Jewish War Veterans is a Congressionally Chartered, fully qualified non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

As a token of gratitude, all donors will receive…

A personal copy of the completed film.

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